Unlock the Full Potential of AWS Environments through Well-Architected Framework Reviews

Fortify Your Cloud Infrastructure with Unwavering Security and Impeccable AWS Best Practices

Our certified AWS cloud architects will carefully assess your AWS workloads and support you in adopting the latest best practices, all while optimizing costs and identifying security vulnerabilities in your existing workloads.

Optimizing Workloads

Refactor and redesign your workloads for enhanced speed and cost efficiency.

Identify Risks

Optimize and revamp your workloads to achieve improved speed and cost-effectiveness.

Uncover Opportunities

Discover additional tools for enhanced efficiency and optimization as your business expands.

Build on the Six Pillars

The AWS Well-Architected Framework (WAF) is a detailed manual that outlines optimal methods for managing infrastructure on the AWS platform. It offers valuable recommendations to customers for effectively utilizing AWS features.

Operational Excellence

The operational excellence pillar ensures that your systems deliver business value and continually improve with processes and procedures


The security pillar ensures that your data and systems are protected through risk assessments and mitigation strategies.

Performance Efficiency
The performance efficiency pillar ensures that computing resources are allocated to your systems so they meet minimum system requirements in the most efficient way possible. It also ensures that efficiency continues through fluctuations in demand and technological changes.

The sustainability pillar ensures that organizations integrate environmental considerations into their cloud architecture and operations.

Cost Optimization

The cost optimization pillar ensures that your systems deliver value at the lowest possible price point.

The reliability pillar ensures that your systems keep adding value. Whether a disruption occurs or your demand for computing power increases, you’ll have what you need to stay online.

Our WAFR Review Process

AWS environment review

The Solutions Architect initiates the assessment of the accounts and AWS environments in order to grasp the environment and its dependencies.

Schedule remediations

Immediate implementation of the suggested modifications is strongly advocated, within one week of the evaluation. This enables the company to reap prompt rewards and validate the worth of the review.

Engage with 9Acts

To begin, reach out to us for us to grasp your existing infrastructure, capabilities, and business needs.

Present review findings

Through the identification of urgent matters and the prioritization of action plans for resolution, a concise summary will be provided to relevant stakeholders, highlighting the discovered issues and outlining the necessary steps required to tackle them.

Engage with Cloudnexa
The first step is to connect with us so that we can understand your current infrastructure, capabilities, and business requirements.
AWS environment review

Our Solutions Architect begins to review the accounts and AWS environments to understand the environment and dependencies.

Present review findings
By identifying pressing issues, and prioritizing remediation roadmaps, the key people concerned will be presented with a summary of what was found and what needs to be done to address those findings.
Schedule remediations
We encourage the implementation of the proposed changes right away, within a week after the review. This allows the business to benefit from quick wins and confirm the Review had value.

9Acts is an AWS Well Architected Program Partner

As an esteemed partner of the AWS Well-Architected Framework Review Program, our team has undergone comprehensive training and possesses the authority to leverage top-tier AWS methodologies. We excel in assessing AWS workloads and executing optimization strategies, leading to substantial cost reductions, heightened application performance, and fortified security against potential threats. Our clients reap a multitude of advantages from our expertise.

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