DevOps Transformation

Deliver applications quicker and innovate faster

As a DevOps consulting firm, we offer tailor-made solutions for integrating development and operational processes. In today’s world, DevOps isn’t a quick change in the development process to deliver releases; rather, it’s fundamental tweaks to align software delivery with business priorities.

With early identification of emerging issues, we help you transform your software delivery process to boost efficiency, speed up product release cycles, and improve quality of software builds. DevOps practices can be supported by self-healing, modular cloud infrastructure.

9Acts DevOps transformation Services

  • Managed DevOps

    As an industry-leading cloud DevOps consultancy, we draw on the inexhaustible power of major CSPs such as AWS in order to boost organization transformation. Our accomplished professionals are seasoned in AWS DevOps Tools and actively design, construct, manage, and supervise the platform, enabling us to offer unbeatable customer experiences. Our services span a wide range of businesses at different capabilities and levels of complexity. Expertise in optimizing CI/CD pipelines, coupled with comprehensive build and release automation solutions further enhance our ability to support any business.

  • Kubernetes as a Service

    Our cloud experts have extensive experience automating, deploying, scaling, and managing containerized applications. We provide fully-managed containers to build and deploy Kubernetes clusters in the cloud. AWS EKS, Kubernetes, Prometheus, Webhooks, etc., are some of the latest innovative technologies we can use to improve the outcomes and meet the goals of modern businesses.

  • Managed DevSecOps

    Providing enterprise-level DevSecOps services, we assess our clients' development processes and introduce security thinking early in the development process. Our CI/CD pipeline includes comprehensive build and release automation, as well as security checks. By incorporating critical security considerations like threat modeling, design risk, and injections, we transform software delivery.

    Our offerings are well-suited for organizations aiming to accelerate their growth in the digital-led economy.

How You Benefit

Deliver quality products and services

With a strong DevOps culture, Agile best practices and automation, you can provide quality products and services more quickly to your customers.

Become the market innovator

By implementing the right delivery approach, you can quickly adapt to market demands and gain a competitive advantage.

Increase focus and productivity

Ensure visibility and understanding across your organization by aligning and focusing your Agile team on the right priorities based on real customer and internal feedback.

Why Choose Us

Our cloud-native consultancy aims to help businesses achieve maturity and adopt an optimal Cloud Operating Model by providing solutions that enable them to fully exploit AWS cloud potentials and native features.

We are a team of experts

Featuring experienced professionals dedicated to DevSecOps services, 9Acts can take on new-age challenges that require a fresh approach to strategic development.

DevOps Best Practices

In order to ensure robust and uncompromised application and infrastructure security, the 9Acts team recommends secure coding practices throughout the development process.

Short Development Lifecycle

Our well-defined process aligns security measures with the progress of your application and optimizes them as it moves through the development pipeline.

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