AWS Transfer Family

Secure File Transfer Service

AWS Transfer Family is a fully managed AWS service that can help move data in and out of AWS S3 or Amazon EFS over native file transfer protocols, so it effortlessly transfers data cooperating with legacy systems supporting the following protocols:

Secure Shell (SSH) File Transfer Protocol (SFTP): version 3

File Transfer Protocol Secure (FTPS)

File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

Applicability Statement 2 (AS2)

It also enables secure hosting of cloud-based file transfer solutions like web portals, mobile apps, FTP clients etc. Customers have full control over user management and are able to set permissions within individual buckets, so they can define who has access and what type of operations they may perform. This makes it easier than ever before to enable quality user experiences while maintaining high levels of security across any organization’s infrastructure.

9Acts AWS Transfer Family Solutions

Organizations may have concerns about data safety, especially those stored in their legacy systems. Their data should be protected with backups, and the backups should be stored for a very long time for compliance purposes. However, the maintenance of the backup environment demands expertise and over the time it can lead to management overhead and cost burden. AWS Transfer Family help effortlessly moves the data into and from Amazon S3 or AWS EFS without making changes in the legacy platform for data transfer by using the native file transfer protocols. It helps to keep the process simple, secure and scalable without having file server management overhead.

9Acts offer workflow to move the data from external applications and legacy platforms to AWS seamlessly, keeping the security best practices as the first preference. AWS Transfer Family would be hosted in VPC spreading across multiple AZ’s to withstand data center failure, strict security controls with client IP whitelisting, granular access for individual user restricting them to their own file home directories in S3 with strict IAM controls and S3 bucket policies, user authentication based on SSH keys. Data in S3 is protected with S3 bucket versioning, cross/same region replication, data-at-rest and data-in-transit encryption throughout the workflow. Additionally, based on data access pattern analysis, we configure S3 life cycle rules to move the files to appropriate storage class and glacier to make sure the costs are optimal. Also, we make use of the S3 VPC endpoints to make sure the traffic between AWS services traverse through highly efficient AWS backbone network to keep the performance better and reduce data transfer charges. 

Finally, we always keep the entire process simple, secure and repeatable by provisioning with Infrastructure as a code. 

Advantages of 9Acts AWS Transfer Family Solutions

Automate Data Transfer


Reduced Costs

High Availability

Data Security

Stay up-to-date