AWS Systems Manager

Automate Your AWS Operations

Systems Manager is a fully managed AWS service that helps you to automate AWS operations like creating system images, applying OS patches, collecting software inventory, and configuration management of operating systems. AWS Systems Manager is a set of services built-in AWS and on-premises environments that enable you to operate scalable, efficient, and secure. These capabilities help you define and track system configurations, prevent drift, and maintain software compliance with your EC2 and on-premises configurations. By providing a management approach that is designed for the scale and agility of the cloud but extends into your on-premises data center, Systems Manager makes it easier for you to seamlessly bridge your existing infrastructure with Amazon Web Services.

9Acts SysOps Solutions

This is essential for companies to gather systems inventory, configure OS, run playbooks, and automate patching. 9Acts is always committed and focused on simplifying our customer’s experience by leveraging the agility and benefits of using the cloud, one of the cloud management tools we use for this is AWS Systems Manager. 

9Acts employs AWS Systems Manager service in combination with its extensive knowledge and expertise in cloud infrastructure management to complete critical management activities in a cost-effective, timely, and efficient manner. 9Acts expertise helps to maintain continuous compliance by scanning the managed instances and reporting any violations it detects on Linux and Windows EC2 instances. 

Advantages of AWS Systems Manager

Cross-platform support

Reduced Costs

Improve Visibility And Control

Hybrid Cloud Compatibility

Extensible parameter management

Create and automate runbooks

Continuous Compliance