AWS Service Catalog

Pre-built catalogs of IT services

AWS Service Catalog allows organizations to centrally manage approved IT services. It enables IT administrators to create and manage catalogs of IT services that are approved for use on AWS. This service helps organizations achieve consistent governance and control, while allowing users the flexibility they need when deploying products. Furthermore, it allows users to self-provision from an approval workflow, meeting organizational requirements and simplifying cloud operations. By using Service Catalog, organizations can ensure their teams have access only to approved products, reducing risk by not over provisioning resources or running non-approved software versions in production. With Service Catalog’s granular permissions capabilities and automated lifecycle enforcement feature, teams can easily monitor the correct usage of any given product throughout its lifecycle which helps in maintaining transparency when making decisions about budget allocation across all components of the organization’s Cloud environment.

9Acts AWS Catalog Solutions

Organizations may encounter challenge meting industry-standard best practices such as SOC2 and HITRUST when configuring their cloud structure. According to the extent and complexity of the system, setup should be done correctly from the very beginning, encompassing appropriate authentication protocols, data encryption methods, and IAM guidelines. Neglecting to observe proper standards during initialization will likely require a substantial amount of rework, sometimes even a complete restructuring of the infrastructure, incurring sizable time and cost investments.

9Acts AWS catalog solutions helps organizations improve their cloud journey by giving them the necessary tools and elements to deploy a comprehensive cloud strategy. Customers can use our catalog solutions to gain insight into the various capabilities of AWS, including but not limited to cost optimization, security, scalability and reliability. Our AWS catalog solutions are also integrated with other services such as Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), RDS databases and S3 for storage, providing a holistic platform for business operations. Furthermore, our offerings allow organizations to benefit from automated processes that minimize costs and maximize performance through advanced analytics. With this in mind, customers can be confident that they have full control over their IT environment, while at the same time taking advantage of all the benefits associated with using AWS services.

Our catalog solutions also help customers meet compliance requirements, such as SOC2, HITRUST and GDPR. With best practices and industry-leading standards in place, customers are able to verify their security status in various ways. 9Acts’ AWS managed services deliver a secure architecture that allows teams to set up a cloud infrastructure quickly and consistently with repeatable procedures. Furthermore, it automates administrative duties like version upgrades, firewall generation and patching strategies, ensuring customer applications remain safe from potential threats while operating optimally.

Advantages of 9Acts AWS Catalog Solutions


Central Management

Ensure Compliance

High Availability

Enhanced Security

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