AWS Config Solutions


AWS Config is a service that allows you to assess, audit, and evaluate the configurations of your AWS resources. Config continuously monitors and records AWS resource configurations and enables you to automate the assessment of the registered settings based on the settings you want. With Config, you can analyze changes made to settings and relationships between AWS resources, drill down in detail into resource configuration history, and determine overall compliance with the settings specified in your built-in guidelines. This way, you can simplify compliance auditing, security analysis, change management, and operational troubleshooting.

9Acts Continous Compliance Solutions

This is extremely essential and important for companies to gather AWS resource inventory, track the configurations of their AWS resources automatically, and assess them against your desired, best practice settings, and configuration change notifications to enable security and governance. 9Acts is always committed and focused on simplifying our customer’s experience by leveraging the agility and benefits of using the cloud, one of the continuous compliance tools we use for this is AWS Config.

9Acts employs AWS Config service by codifying your desired configuration state in AWS, you will automatically scan for system state changes, and remediate them with pre-defined actions. Our certified AWS consultants can help you achieve continuous compliance with desired configuration states, meeting internal standards and regulatory requirements. Actively track the configurations of your AWS resources automatically, assessing them against your desired, best practice settings.

Advantages of 9Acts AWS Config Solutions

Continuous monitoring

Continuous assessment

Change management

Operational troubleshooting

Enterprise-wide compliance monitoring

Support for third-party resources