AWS CloudFront Solutions


Amazon CloudFront is a secure global content delivery network that helps organizations accelerate, and improve the availability, and security of applications, dynamic websites, file downloads, and APIs. Amazon CloudFront is helping companies and agencies around the world provide a more secure and better experience to their customers and users. By using Amazon CloudFront, Organizations can improve performance while also reducing costs and ensuring that their data is protected. Organizations can also use Amazon CloudFront to deliver content from multiple origins (e.g., an Amazon S3 bucket or an on-premises server) with a single domain name. This makes it easy for users to access content regardless of where it is hosted.

9Acts CloudFront Solutions

Organizations may face trouble configuring the Amazon CloudFront correctly to make the most use of its great features to improve performance, availability and security. The CloudFront is a content delivery network which speeds up the loading of static content like images, CSS and JavaScript files by caching them at locations closer to the user. It can also be used to deliver dynamic content like videos and website pages. CloudFront can improve the performance of your website or application by reducing latency and providing higher bandwidth. It can also increase availability by providing redundancy in case of an outage at one of its locations. And it can improve security by encrypting data in transit and providing DDOS protection. However, the key is the configuring in a right way possible.

9Acts offers services to launch end-to-end environments including Amazon CloudFront setup to serve the dynamic and static content with proper cache configuration to deliver the optimized performance. The configuration helps improve the end-user experience by serving the applications near them utilizing AWS network infrastructure, which is expected to be more stable and provide faster access to the applications.

We help customers with application response customizations like adding the real IP header to the requests, required HTTP redirections, bot detection, secure sensitive content of the applications and much more using lambda@edge to execute logic near users with managed compute and low latency. Also secure the Web applications with AWS Web Application Firewall to safeguard it against web attacks.

Advantages of 9Acts AWS CloudFront Solutions

Improved Performance

Lower Latency

High Availability

Lower Cost

Enhanced Security

Content Customization