Webvent partnered with 9Acts to improve its cloud operations and security posture.


Webvent was in a position where they needed to find a more secure platform and higher expertise to meet their quick growth. The goal of this review is to help Webvent identify areas where they can improve their AWS architecture and operations. As part of the Well-Architected Review process, 9Acts has implemented controls that cover all six pillars. This ensures that infrastructure is designed and operated in a way that meets the customer’s needs and expectations.

About Webvent

Webvent is a content management, webcasting, and production platform that helps companies to streamline the process of managing their online events and make them more effective.


Webvent knew that one of the most important parts of any system is securing it. They wanted to make sure their existing AWS environment was up to industry standards, identify any vulnerability they may have, and ensure they had a process in place to maintain compliance. Webvent also saw value in automating some processes when possible.


9Acts evaluated Webvent cloud infrastructure and found key gaps that needed to be addressed. 9Acts remediated these issues and implemented measures to mitigate future risks, implementing governance through the organization for increased security. This is a great story of how they were able to leverage AWS best practices, such as automating and securing against breaches, to help make the company’s infrastructure even more secure for its customers.


After reviewing Webvent’s needs, the 9Acts team knew what was needed. 9Acts innovative services helped Webvent address their evolving needs in terms of Reliability, Cost optimization, and Scalability. And because we’re aligned with industry best practices, any gaps in security get fixed as well.