SquareTradeUP partnered with 9Acts in order to improve its cloud operations management and security posture.


SquareTradeUP was looking for a more secure platform and greater expertise to support its quick growth. The goal of this review is to help SquareTradeUP identify areas where they can improve their AWS architecture and operations to better meet their business needs. As part of the Well-Architected Review process, 9Acts has implemented several controls which cover all six pillars. This ensures that infrastructure is designed and operated in a way that meets customers’ needs and expectations.

About SquareTradeUP

CW Technology and SquareTradeUP is a global leader in Aftercare and Trade-in markets of consumer electronic products and home appliances. The company shares a common vision with clients in Australia and the kind of transparent approach that ensures a quality partnership.


SquaretradeUP wanted to find out how their existing AWS environment stacked up against industry standards, and identify any areas of vulnerability. They also needed help with automation and management of their environment. In addition, they wanted to implement the best security practices overall, and have a continual process of compliance for the infrastructure so that there is little risk of significant compromise.


9Acts evaluated their cloud infrastructure posture using industry-standard frameworks, enabling remediation of identified gaps and implementing governance throughout the organization. This is a great example of how 9Acts is leveraging AWS best practices, along with automation and security tools like Amazon Security Hub, in order to make their customers’ experience even better.

9Acts has made a number of changes to their infrastructure and security practices in order to better comply with AWS best practices and to make the customer experience for its cloud services even better. To do this, 9Acts automated different security checks and alerts along with leveraging Amazon Security Hub.


After reviewing SquareTradeUP’s needs, it was clear that 9Acts had the right solution. Our innovative service helped SquarTradeUP address its evolving needs in terms of performance, cost optimization, and scalability.

Furthermore, our experienced support team is available to help maintain SquareTradeUP’s infrastructure in order to ensure its high availability and fault-tolerant performance. And because we’re aligned with industry best practices, we can make sure that any gaps in security get fixed as well.


“Recently, we’ve expanded our team by bringing on the 9Acts team. They have been excellent at securing our infrastructure for AWS. In addition, they perform ongoing management of our AWS services.” Peter Kokkinis, CTO