Sortly partnered with 9Acts to containerize their applications and migrate to Amazon ECS. Also, they want to manage their infra through infrastructure as a code.


Sortly was in the process of streamlining its processes for maintaining Amazon WebServices (AWS) infrastructure and allowing its development environments to come up as needed. The need for these environments is high, so it’s important to keep them secure, clean, and highly available. They also need to be secure and cost-effective. With 9Acts support and expertise, Sortly migrated their applications to Amazon ECS with high availability at all layers and achieved streamlined processes for infrastructure provisioning with Terraform.

About Sortly

Sortly is an End-to-End inventory management software for business of all sizes, helps manage inventory more smartly with item tracking with QR codes, effortlessly create reports to share, track user and inventory activities, effortlessly check-in/out items (move item) to employees, customers, jobs or locations in seconds using the in-app scanner. And give controlled access to anyone from anywhere.

The Challenge

Sortly needed to containerize their application and migrate from Elastic Beanstalk to Amazon ECS. The transition would allow them to avoid waiting for Beanstalk platform updates to update their app stack and also allow them to manage their AWS environment in a streamlined way by avoiding manual environment changes and following DevOps best practices. Sortly also needs the application to be highly available and scalable, and on top of managing AWS with industry best practices.

The Solution

9Acts evaluated their AWS environment and automated the entire AWS environment with Terraform, including documentation for developers to spin up their environments whenever needed. They also migrated their application to Amazon ECS Fargate in multiple AZs with AWS autoscaling to scale applications based on demand. 9Acts also made the Sortly environment more secure by implementing high availability, threat detection and protection, encryption at rest and in transit, web application firewalls for their apps, purchase reservations to get cost savings and billing alarms.


9Acts solution helped in migrating their applications to Amazon ECS, achieving the AWS Infrastructure management agility using IAC with cost-benefits and Operational Excellence with streamlined processes. The ongoing support we provide for Sortly helps maintain their AWS environment. This ensures that it is secure, highly available, and faulttolerant.