The case study describes KMC’s video archiving application storage challenges and how 9Acts addresses the issue using AWS.


This case study outlines the hurdles faced by a supply chain management software company in establishing a scalable and highperforming search infrastructure while meeting compliance requirements. With the assistance of 9acts, the company successfully implemented AWS OpenSearch Service, a fully managed search solution, to address these challenges and achieve their goals.

About The Company

An adaptive training & insights platform, powered by agile experts who manage it for you. Companies use the KMC platform as their own SaaS platform for their clients to sell access to courses, and course paths, and deliver internal corporate compliance, HR, management, professional development, executive education, and other types of courses to their employees, teams, and leadership.

The Challenge

The video archives of the KMC’s sensitive training videos are generated by the external video archival application hosted on-premise, the archives would be actively accessed in 30 days, and they would rarely be accessed on-demand post that. Since the files are sensitive, KMC has concerns about the safety of those files, avoiding a single point of failure in satisfying compliance needs while keeping optimum costs. The current process requires the manual transfer of the files to an external hard drive, which is then taken off-site for storage. This is not an ideal solution as it is time-consuming and adds an extra step that could potentially lead to human error. KMC is looking for a solution that will automate the backup process and allow for multiple copies to be stored off-site. The solution must be cost-effective and meet all compliance requirements. KMC is open to exploring different options and welcomes any suggestions that would meet their needs.


9Acts team evaluated the use case and proposed a solution to switch the archives to AWS, making use of the AWS S3 for scalable storage and AWS Transfer Family to securely transfer files into AWS S3. The solution is built with AWS Transfer Family, AWS S3 bucket, and AWS S3 Glacier for securely transferring the files from the video archive app using SFTP protocol, scalable storage for security, and archival storage for low-cost long-term storage respectively configuring data-at-rest and in-transit encryption added throughout the solution.

The AWS Transfer family is hosted in a VPC across AZs and Elastic IPs, which restricts the security group to allow traffic only from the video archival app. The video archival app is configured to use SSH auth for file transfer, which means that only users with the correct credentials can access the files. This makes it more secure than other methods of the file transfer.

AWS S3 bucket is configured with versioning for the data security allowing the files only with data-in-transit encryption, which helps the durability of the video archives however one of the primary requirements is cost optimization, and costs may go up over time due to data growth. So we have set up life cycle rules to move the data to AWS glacier based on access patterns of the video archives. Also, We have made sure the entire solution build through IAC with best practices.


Our solution successfully addressed the customer’s need for secure and scalable storage of sensitive video archives. We were able to save them money by utilizing AWS S3 with pay-as-you-go pricing, as well as eliminating manual effort in backing up data. Additionally, it provided 99.99% availability and 11 9’s durability through SFTP protocol transfer and automatic file transfers to Glacier for cost optimization purposes. By implementing this approach, our customers can rest assured that their data is safe from loss or damage, while also saving time and money on archival storage costs.