Inventory Management Software Company

Inventory Management Software Company


This case study outlines the challenges faced by an inventory management software company in achieving scalability, performance, and compliance while running their Ruby application on Elastic Beanstalk. With the assistance of 9acts, the company successfully transformed its infrastructure into a containerized environment using Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS). This shift addressed the limitations they encountered and enabled them to achieve their objectives effectively.


This case study outlines the hurdles faced by a supply chain management software company in establishing a scalable and highperforming search infrastructure while meeting compliance requirements. With the assistance of 9acts, the company successfully implemented AWS OpenSearch Service, a fully managed search solution, to address these challenges and achieve their goals.

About The Company

The company is an inventory management software company that provides comprehensive solutions for businesses of all sizes. Their software enables efficient management of inventory through features such as item tracking using QR codes, effortless report creation and sharing, tracking of user and inventory activities, and seamless checkin/out of items to employees, customers, jobs, or locations using the inapp scanner. The software also offers controlled access to users from anywhere, streamlining inventory management processes.

The Challenge

The team at the Inventory Management Software company has faced challenges with its existing workload running on Elastic Beanstalk. They were hindered by version upgrade limitations, sluggish release cycles, and intricate dependencies of custom scripts. These hurdles were hindering their agility and overall efficiency. Additionally, they sought greater control over their environment through Infrastructure as Code (IAC) to ensure consistency and reduce deviations. Security was paramount – they required a highly secure environment for their applications.


To effectively address the challenges presented, 9acts conducted a comprehensive evaluation of the Inventory Management Software company’s existing environment, followed by a strategic recommendation to implement Amazon ECS Service. Through a meticulous and well-defined approach, we developed a holistic solution that tackled the array of obstacles at hand. The initial step involved encapsulating the client’s application into containers and subsequently deploying them onto Amazon ECS Fargate. This strategic move not only guaranteed scalability but also optimized resource allocation and simplified overall management processes.

To address concerns related to version control, we seamlessly integrated Infrastructure as Code principles into the strategy. By harnessing the power of Terraform, we were able to encode the entire environment, granting precise control and enabling agile adjustments without deviating from industry best practices. To ensure continuous monitoring and observability, we seamlessly integrated Datadog into the system. This incorporation encompassed establishing exhaustive logging mechanisms, comprehensive performance metric tracking, and precise traces, collectively contributing to the sustained health and superior performance of the application.

The introduction of automated scaling mechanisms significantly bolstered the application’s capabilities, rendering it equipped to effortlessly handle fluctuating workloads. This enhancement was paralleled by an elevated focus on security aspects. We introduced advanced security scans for container images and bolstered OS security with kernel-level controls. Meticulous configuration of security groups for each individual component further fortified the system. For secure and encrypted communication, we seamlessly integrated AWS Application Load Balancers with SSL via AWS Certificate Manager.

In a bid to optimize network architecture, we executed a comprehensive overhaul. This involved the careful segregation of components into their respective subnets – public subnets designated for public load balancers, private subnets reserved for ECS tasks, and isolated subnets earmarked for RDS Aurora databases. This meticulous restructuring ensured a meticulously designed network environment, characterized by robust security and well-defined boundaries.


The client’s journey with 9acts led to remarkable outcomes. By transitioning to Amazon ECS Fargate, they escaped version upgrade limitations and attained the agility they sought. The new environment’s codification using Terraform empowered them to make controlled changes swiftly, enhancing operational efficiency.

The robust monitoring and observability setup enabled proactive management of the application’s health, while automated scaling ensured optimal performance under varying workloads. Security enhancements including image scanning, OS-level controls, and strict network configurations fortified their environment against threats.

With 9acts’ expertise, the client achieved a successful migration to containerized workloads, aligning with the modern cloud paradigm. They now enjoy a secure, efficient, and scalable environment, built on AWS best practices and innovative technologies. This transformation embodies the collaborative approach of 9acts and their dedication to elevating their client’s technological landscape.