This case study highlights the challenges faced by the AuraEgaming team in establishing a reliable Windows platform with operational feasibility and low maintenance.


This case study outlines the hurdles faced by a supply chain management software company in establishing a scalable and highperforming search infrastructure while meeting compliance requirements. With the assistance of 9acts, the company successfully implemented AWS OpenSearch Service, a fully managed search solution, to address these challenges and achieve their goals.

About The Company

AuraEgaming is a pioneering gaming solutions provider that brings innovation and cutting-edge technology to the gaming industry. With a passion for gaming and a focus on delivering exceptional experiences, AuraEgaming is dedicated to revolutionizing the way gamers engage and interact with games. Our team of experts combines creativity and expertise to develop innovative gaming solutions that cater to the ever-evolving needs of gamers and game developers alike. Whether it’s immersive gameplay, seamless user interfaces, or advanced gaming mechanics, AuraEgaming is committed to pushing the boundaries and setting new standards in the world of gaming.

The Challenge

AuraEgaming, a rapidly growing enterprise, sought a secure and reliable solution to host their Windows workloads on AWS. They required a high availability environment for .NET applications, efficient management of Microsoft SQL services, an Active Directory for user management, and dedicated workstations for end-users. Additionally, they emphasized the need for frequent vulnerability scanning and automated secure configurations to bolster their security posture and reduce human error.


As the trusted AWS consulting partner, 9acts designed a comprehensive solution for AuraEgaming’s diverse requirements. We carefully assessed their workload needs and recommended Amazon EC2 Windows servers, ensuring they met the performance, scalability, and high availability demands. By deploying Internet Information Services (IIS) on the EC2 instances, we enabled efficient and reliable web hosting for their .NET applications.

To ensure seamless operations even during traffic spikes, we set up an autoscaling group with a load balancer to dynamically adjust the number of EC2 instances based on traffic demands. This provided automatic scalability, optimizing resource utilization, and delivering a smooth user experience.

For streamlined database management, we integrated Amazon RDS for Microsoft SQL Server, a fully managed service offering automated backups, enhanced security, and high availability. This freed AuraEgaming from manual database administration tasks, ensuring data integrity and availability at all times.

To cater to the customer’s end-users, we implemented Amazon Workspaces, offering secure, dedicated Windows desktops accessible from anywhere. This facilitated remote work capabilities, improving collaboration and enhancing end-user productivity, while maintaining data security and compliance.

Additionally, we established an Active Directory on Amazon EC2 instances, providing a centralized and scalable solution for user and group management. This allowed AuraEgaming to efficiently manage access and permissions across their infrastructure, reducing administrative overhead.

To meet the security requirements, 9acts implemented rigorous measures. We frequently scanned the codebase and infrastructure for vulnerabilities using advanced tools, promptly patching any identified issues to protect against emerging threats. Moreover, a configuration management service was employed to automatically enforce and validate secure configurations, mitigating human errors and maintaining a robust security posture.



AuraEgaming achieved a secure, scalable, and high-performance environment for their Windows workloads. The implemented solution ensured high availability, optimal application performance, and efficient database management. With Amazon Workspaces, end-users experienced enhanced productivity through secure remote access. Frequent vulnerability scanning and automated secure configurations bolstered their security posture and minimized the risk of human error.

By partnering with 9acts, AuraEgaming could focus on core business operations, benefiting from a managed solution that strengthened its overall infrastructure and security. The successful implementation positioned AuraEgaming for further growth and success in its market.