As a result of 9Acts’ cloud expertise and innovative skills, Apollo21 has upgraded its cloud container environment and infrastructure to Amazon EKS, accelerated its continuous integration/ continuous delivery (CI/CD) process, and remained cost-effective and aligned with Amazon Web Services best practices while growing rapidly


This case study outlines the hurdles faced by a supply chain management software company in establishing a scalable and highperforming search infrastructure while meeting compliance requirements. With the assistance of 9acts, the company successfully implemented AWS OpenSearch Service, a fully managed search solution, to address these challenges and achieve their goals.

About The Company

An entrepreneurial collective, Apollo21 explores new ideas and builds new ventures. By providing a safe space where ideas can be shared, refined, and brought to life, Apollo21 bridges the gap between entrepreneurs and investors. Our resources include coaching, connections, funding, and so on.

The Challenge

Apollo21 is looking for a better container orchestration tool compared with their current Beanstalk setup. They are planning to launch more applications in the next few months and need a tool that can handle increased scale and complexity. Their current setup is not able to provide the level of control and flexibility they need, so they are exploring other options. Apollo21 wants a tool that can help them manage their applications more efficiently and effectively, giving them the ability to respond quickly to changes in their environment.


In order to improve scalability, speed up deployments, control traffic granularity, and run multiple containers on the same EKS cluster, 9Acts recommended migrating from Beanstalk to Amazon EKS as an orchestration platform. Also implemented the Infrastructure-as-Code automation using Terraform to spin up the EKS cluster with the reusable config to create multiple clusters for different environments through Terraform.

9Acts set up a Kubernetes dashboard to manage and oversee applications running on EKS clusters. Helm charts provided a package that contained all the resources needed for the application including deployment, service definitions and other related matters. This enabled automated deployments over multiple environments through CI/CD pipelines. Furthermore, Istio’s advanced networking abilities such as network policies and canary deployments were used to gain more control of traffic management in production settings. This solution, combined with the ongoing support and management services provided by 9Acts, has enabled Apollo21 to harness Kubernetes’ robust automation, deployment and scaling capabilities without having to invest in learning the system.

On top of that, 9Acts has made necessary architecture adjustments to better conform with AWS standards, modernized the container infrastructure, and boosted security measures. To enhance their overall security posture and operational proficiency, 9Acts implemented automated security checks and receive consistent notifications. In addition, proactive cloud cost optimization is available.


The 9Acts team offers reliable strategies and advanced expertise to assist Apoll21 in establishing a sound infrastructure. Automation tools for container deployment, coupled with monitoring systems to uphold the stability of their supported applications, are incorporated. This service model grants Apoll21 the luxury of staying up to date with modern trends like scalability, security, cost-efficiency, and agility. The managed service furthermore simplifies structural changes, supplying Apoll21 best practices for adhering to security regulations.